Plaza Deck Assembly - Architectural Pavers

Armtec Brooklin's Architectural Pavers as marketed by Hydrotech are the perfect finish to the Plaza Deck Assembly

This roof ballast slab offers the strength, durability and beauty of natural stone, with the potential for time and cost savings because of its ease of installation. Slabs are precision fit with a consistent thickness and a slip-resistant finish. Designers can choose from a variety of colors, textures, patterns and sizes to create a unique outdoor environment.


This system is designed to reduce installation labor.

Two Colors and two finishes:


Natural and Natural Shotblast® (as illustrated here)

'White Solar' Matte and 'White Solar' Shotblast®



Four colors and two finishes (Standard and Shotblast®)


Brown (Standard / Shotblast)


Natural (Standard / Shotblast)


Charcoal (Standard / Shotblast)


Chamois (Standard / Shotblast)



Four colors and two finishes (Standard and Shotblast®)


Brown (Standard / Shotblast)


Natural (Standard / Shotblast)


Charcoal (Standard / Shotblast)


Red (Standard / Shotblast)



Two colors and two finishes (Diamond and Diamond Shotblast®)


Natural (Diamond / Diamond Shotblast)(as illustrated here)

Charcoal (Diamond / Diamond Shotblast)



Two finishes (Matte and Shotblast)


"White Solar" (Matte / Shotblast)


White solar reflective roof pavers promote green building design and new construction practices. They support the Canada Green Building Council’s philosophy of creating energy-efficient and environmentally conscious buildings, and may contribute to LEED® project certification. White solar reflective roof pavers can lower a building’s overall energy costs by reducing the heat island effect created when the sun’s rays are absorbed and heat up dark rooftop surfaces. As their name suggests, white solar reflective pavers reflect the sun’s rays away from the rooftop, which in turn helps decrease interior heat gain and reduce cooling loads.

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