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The smart choice of a good quality growing media, the key to a successful vegetative roof (French article)

Publish Date: June 15, 2016
Publisher Credit: *Marjolaine Auger - Infolettre Juin 2016, Savaria

The reputation of green roofs lie in their aesthetic value and their innovative architectural aspect, but above all in their power to provide a wide range of energetic and environmental benefits. In Quebec, since the late 90s, vegetative roof assemblies have been consistently evolving with the development of new technologies and sheer number of installations. This also applies to the growing media performance that is optimized to meet the specific conditions of a roof or project. Soil science has become a major factor for the the building envelope.

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*Marjolaine Auger, the author, is an agrologist and the Garden Roof advisor at Hydrotech Membrane Corp. She can be reached at or 800-361-8924.


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