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October 28, 2014

Hydrotech Receives the OBEC 'Distinction for Materials' Award

In 2014, Hydrotech received the Distinction for Materials Award from the Ontario Building Envelope Council . This Award is given to recognize a significant improvement to building envelope construction or performance. The improvement must be demonstrable and advance excellence in building science, in the context of the building envelope.

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September 1, 2014 Published by: Erik Marosi and Shawn Moscovitch - SABMag, Issue number 45, Fall 2014

Westmount Recreation Center: Recreation centre goes underground to save energy, create green space

Built in the 1960s, the former Westmount arena and pool were outdated and in need of major renovations. To respond to the present needs of Westmount residents, it was decided that the existing facilities would be demolished to make way for a new complex on the previously developed site, which had the advantage of being close to public transportation and a number of other services, and supermarket. Continue Reading

July 2, 2014

American Hydrotech Launches iPad App for Planning Vegetative Roofs

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (July 2, 2014) American Hydrotech Inc. has released a free, interactive digital version of the company’s popular Garden Roof® Planning Guide. The app was unveiled last week at the AIA Expo in Chicago.

Visit to download the Garden Roof® Planning Guide app or search for ‘American Hydrotech’ in the iOS App Store. Any iPad user can immediately download the app for a comprehensive guide to vegetative roofs, from concept to completion. Users can also learn about the American Hydrotech Garden Roof® Assembly and its benefits, including economic incentives and environmental factors like stormwater management.

The app features pinch-to-zoom product photography, video animations, photo galleries showing Garden Roof® Assemblies in real-world applications, and design considerations. “Our new app comprises 18 years of vegetative roof experience, presented in a dynamic, personal way,” says Richard Hayden, Garden Roof Department Manager... Continue Reading

December 18, 2013

American Hydrotech Releases the Third Edition of the Garden Roof® Planning Guide

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (December 18, 2013) American Hydrotech, Inc., a recognized leader in the development and distribution of premium waterproofing and roofing products, today released the third edition of the company’s Garden Roof® Planning Guide. This new, complimentary resource empowers both new and veteran architects, landscape architects, building owners, contractors and installers to learn more about vegetated roofs and the various assemblies that arecurrently available and being used on today’s structures around the world.

The Planning Guide addresses vegetative assemblies in an easy-to-ready format across categories such as: technology and materials, proper planning and design, installation and maintenance. It provides readers with an in-depth look at today’s environmental challenges and urban landscape, as well as an overview of green roof components and best practices on achieving the highest effectiveness on various on architectural projects and structural... Continue Reading

March 14, 2013

American Hydrotech Hires Bruce H. Duncan as International Sales Manager

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (March 14, 2013) American Hydrotech, Inc., a recognized leader in the development and distribution of premium waterproofing and roofing products, today announced the addition of Bruce H. Duncan as International Sales Manager. His responsibilities will include the promotion of Hydrotech's products and assemblies at the architectural level and provide support to Hydrotech's sales representatives and authorized applicators for all markets excluding the United States.

Duncan brings more than 30 years of construction experience, holding a variety of sales, sales management and marketing positions with Dow Chemical. "The industry relationships and deep knowledge of Hydrotech's products and assemblies Bruce has will be instrumental in bolstering our sales efforts on an international level," said David Spalding, President of American Hydrotech, Inc.

Duncan joined Dow Chemical Canada in 1981 and has overseen the Commercial, Roofing and Low Temp markets in... Continue Reading

December 26, 2012

American Hydrotech Celebrates Monolithic Membrane 6125®’s 50 Years of Proven Performance

50 Year Logo

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (November 14, 2012) American Hydrotech, Inc., a recognized leader in the development and distribution of premium waterproofing and roofing products, today announced 2013 marks the 50 th anniversary of the company’s flagship product – Monolithic Membrane 6125 ® - a unique waterproofing membrane offering proven performance on roofs, vegetated roofs, plazas, vertical foundations, reflecting pools and other structures. Since American Hydrotech’s founding in 1977, this product has been at the core of the company’s roofing assembly innovations, and trusted by architects and designers in projects spanning across more than two billion square feet of roofing and waterproofing in more than 36 countries.

“I have specified [Monolithic Membrane 6125] for over 32 years on many projects all over the world and once installed, the clients have never had a single issue with it in service,” said Tim Taylor, Director of Specifications for Gensler. “My confidence in the... Continue Reading

August 1, 2012 Published by: *Marjolaine Auger - Magazine Voir Vert, édition no 2, 2012

Entretien durable: Pour bénéficier pleinement d'une toiture végétale extensive, encore faut-il bien l'entretenir. Mode d'emploi.

Jamais n’a-t-on aussi souvent entendu parler des toitures végétales au Québec, l’intérêt pour ce concept s’amplifiant à mesure que grandit celui envers le bâtiment durable. Et ce n’est pas le fruit du hasard, car l’aménagement d’une toiture végétale s’accompagne de bénéfices environnementaux indéniables. Il contribue à ralentir et à diminuer l’écoulement d’eau vers les égouts pluviaux lors d’averses importantes, de même qu’à réduire l’effet d’îlot de chaleur urbain, le smog et les charges de climatisation en période estivale. Sans oublier son apport sur le plan esthétique et sur celui de la qualité du milieu de vie des occupants d’un bâtiment.

Pour tirer le meilleur d’une toiture végétale extensive et en favoriser la longévité, il faut évidemment veiller à la conserver en bon état. Pourquoi? Eh bien parce qu’il s’agit d’un système simple composé de couches multiples et qu’en aucun temps celles-ci doivent être atteintes, car c’est l’étanchéité du bâtiment qui en dépend.... Continue Reading

August 1, 2012 Published by: Marie-Ève Sirois - Magazine Voir Vert, édition no 2, 2012

Les leçons de Rayside: L'architecte montréalais Ron Rayside revisite son bâtiment vert le Casse-Tête. Leçons et réflexions.

Juillet 2003, Ron Rayside dépose une promesse d'achat pour un terrain situé dans le Centre-Sud de Montréal, quartier où il réside et s'implique socialement depuis déjà longtemps. C'est le point de départ d'une aventure qui mènera à la construction d'un immeuble au rez-de-chaussée duquel Rayside Architecte - aujourd'hui Rayside-Labossière - relogera ses bureau au printemps 2006. L'édifice comprendra aussi quatre logements locatifs aux deux étages supérieurs. Continue Reading

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