Green Roof


Extensive roofs are typically lightweight and can be installed over a variety of structures including metal roof decks. Extensive roofs are not intended for recreational use and are typically used to minimize stormwater runoff and help reduce the “urban heat island” effect.

Sloped Applications

Thanks to Hydrotech’s Garden Roof® Assembly for sloped applications, architects are no longer limited to designing for flat green roof applications. Hydrotech’s Garden Roof® Assembly can be applied to sloping roofs with a pitch of 2:12 (9.5°) and greater using special engineering to accommodate shear forces and ensure soil and plant retention. For roof slopes greater than 3:12 pitch (14°), the GardNet® soil confinement system must be utilized.


A Garden Roof® Assembly can expand the livable space of a building through integration of hardscaped areas with lush landscaped areas of lawn and other vegetation. The maintenance required for these spaces is similar to the care that would be required to maintain this space at grade.


The landscape possibilities with an Intensive Garden Roof® Assembly are virtually limitless. Intended for recreational, sporting, and leisure purposes they are often indistinguishable from natural gardens in appearance. It is not uncommon to see water features, significant topography changes, trees and other large plantings that add character and interest to the roof.

Plazas and Promenades

A plaza finished with architectural paver can greatly improve the look of a building exterior. As these areas often enclose occupied space or parking, waterproofing in critical.  This is why the Plaza Deck Assembly has been installed on thousands of plazas nationwide.


Replacing old plaza surfaces is a task no owner or developer looks forward to, so when the time does arrive, few care to risk a system with a short or inconvenient performance record. The Plaza Deck Assembly removes that element of mystery with time tested MM6125® waterproofing, insulation and drainage (both optional), topped with exceptionally durable architectural paver and warranted by Hydrotech Membrane Corp. Also the open joint configuration of the Plaza Deck Assembly makes construction and maintenance incredibly simple.

Roofs and Terraces

Very few roofing assemblies can match the quality and integrity of the Plaza Deck Assembly. The roof is well protected since the layers above MM6125® act as a shield against UV rays and harsh weather. With architectural paver as the finished surface, the design process gains creative flexibility, while the structure benefits from a high performance overburden.

Waterproofing Horizontal Applications

Plazas, parking decks, tunnels, bridges and mud slabs.

Waterproofing Vertical Applications

Foundation wall waterproofing and planters.

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