Plaza Deck Assembly - Wood Tile

Wood Tile

The Wood tile, made from Ipê or Massaranduba, is a great alternative to concrete architectural paver in a Plaza Deck Assembly, providing warmth and charm to any roof deck. These Wood tiles are fabricated from very dense, durable hardwoods that exhibit excellent resistance to weather. The Wood tile can be periodically treated with oil to preserve and enhance its original color or left untreated to develop a natural, aged finish. It is available with a smooth surface or with a ribbed scuff resistant surface.

Ipê smooth

Ipê ribbed

Massaranduba ribbed






The Ipê Wood tile is available in 610 mm x 610 mm and 1,220 mm x 610 mm size. The Massaranduba Wood tile is only available in 610 mm x 610 mm size.

Ipê ribbed shown in 610 mm x 610 mm and in 1,220 mm x 610 mm size.


Made from re-purposed wood from the furniture and other industries, Wood tile may be able to satisfy certain recycled content requirements. 

This assembly requires supplemental stone ballast (as depicted) under the wood tiles to provide proper ballasting for the loose laid STYROFOAM™ insulation. The Wood tile is installed on Hydrotech Adjustable Pedestals that include a fastening kit to help lock them down for added security.

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