Waterproofing Membrane Assemblies

Waterproofing Membrane Assemblies

Hydrotech's Monolithic Membrane 6125®(MM6125®) is installed at 2-3 times the thickness of many other liquid applied waterproofing membranes. The greater thickness of MM6125® allows for a wider variety of substrate conditions, increases its crack bridging capability and enhances its self-healing properties.

Monolithic Membrane 6125® Fabric Reinforced Assembly...

The Monolithic Membrane 6125® fabric reinforced assembly consists of one coat of membrane at 3 mm into which Hydrotech's Flex Flash F (a spunbonded polyester fabric) is embedded. A second coat of membrane is then installed at 3 mm minimum. Total membrane thickness is 6 mm.

Separation/Protection Course...

On a horizontal installation a separation/protection course such as Hydrotech's Poly 500 or Hydroflex 30® is embedded into the membrane while it is still warm and tacky, to provide protection from foot traffic and moderate physical abuse. On a vertical installation, a protection layer such as Hydroshield® or other approved protection may be used.

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