PMR Flexibility

All This is Possible

To address the numerous conditions and configurations that can be created on a rooftop, Hydrotech offers a wide range of Protected Membrane Roof (PMR) Assemblies to choose from. These assemblies range from a typical stone ballasted PMR to others that add beauty and/or additional rooftop functionality.

Hydrotech's Plaza Deck Assembly can create an inviting usable space for people with a wide variety of surfacing options, like concrete pavers or wood tiles for podium decks and rooftops.

Hydrotech's Garden Roof® Assembly are often added to podium decks or rooftops for the beauty they offer, many times in conjunction with the Plaza Deck Assembly. Or, to help address the ever growing need to tackle a building sites stormwater management issues.

Hydrotech's Blue Roof Assembly can provide a rooftop stormwater management solution with clear advantages over the typical methods used on the ground.

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    Hydrotech, a recognized leader in the vegetative roofing market, today announced the availability of the Fourth Edition of the company’s widely acclaimed Garden Roof® Planning Guide. For the last five years, updated...