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Typical Waterproofing Applications

The following depicts typical waterproofing applications where Hydrotech's Monolithic Membrane 6125®can be used.

  • Horizontal Application such as plazas, parking decks, tunnels, bridges and mud slabs.
  • Vertical Application such as foundation wall waterproofing and planter.
  • New Construction; getting it right the first time with the right product is critical. Monolithic Membrane 6125® is perfect for new construction. It is applied directly to the structural deck (the best place for a waterproofing membrane), it is monolithic (seamless) and bonds to a variety of substrates.
  • Renovation/Rehabilitation Work; Monolithic Membrane 6125® is extremely well suited for rehab work. In rehab work one is faced with additional challenges that typically don't present themselves in new construction. A product's ability to handle the tough details can make the difference between a watertight application and one that's not. MM6125® and the experience of Hydrotech's technical staff can help you handle the challenges of rehab work.

Restrictions with MM6125®?

  • MM6125® should not be used on cellular concrete or light weight insulation concrete.
  • MM6125® is considered a "positive side" side waterproofing and should not be installed in a "negative side" application (i.e., the inside of a foundation wall).
Fabric Reinforced (FR) Assembly
Vertical Waterproofing
Split Slab Construction